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Non-Financial Reporting (Sustainability)

Sampo plc is committed to developing sustainability activities and targets of the Group’s operations, as well as related performance measurement and reporting. This is in the interests of and expected by the Group’s various internal and external stakeholders.

Sampo plc’s Board of Directors is responsible for and has the ultimate oversight of group-level sustainability, covering the entire range of environmental (including climate change), social, and governance issues. The Board has assigned its Audit Committee to monitor Sampo Group’s sustainability reporting and activities.

The Group Chief Financial Officer (CFO), who is a member of the Sampo Group Executive Committee, directs Sampo plc’s Sustainability unit. The CFO also ensures that adequate reporting on sustainability matters is provided to the Group CEO.

The Sustainability unit of Sampo plc, led by the Head of Sustainability, is responsible for the development and coordination of sustainability at group level. The unit prepares the group level sustainability reporting and the sustainability programme, which sets the direction for the Group’s sustainability work. In addition, the unit sets schedules and requests, provides group-level guidance to the subsidiaries, and organises regular sustainability meetings.

At each subsidiary, various business areas, operational departments, and units are actively involved in the Group’s sustainability endeavours and reporting. Group-level sustainability reporting is largely based on information provided by the subsidiary companies according to formats and schedules defined by Sampo plc’s Sustainability unit. Each subsidiary is responsible for its respective reporting to the parent company to ensure correctness of information. In addition to group-level sustainability governance, each Group company has its own internal governance structures.

Non-financial disclosures according to the Non-Financial Reporting Directive (NFRD) are published annually in Sampo Group’s Sustainability Report.

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Updated 6 Apr 2022