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Mandatum Life

A summary of Mandatum Life's outstanding public debt issues is presented herein.


Mandatum Life Insurance Company Limited

Securities € 250,000,000, 1.875 per cent. 30NC5 Fixed/Floating Rate Dated Subordinated Notes due 4 October 2049. Issue Price 99.910 per cent.
Status of the Notes

Subordinated, Solvency II Tier 2 Notes

Issue Date 4 Oct 2019
First Call Date 4 Oct 2024
Interest After Call

3-month Euribor + Margin 230 (Re-offer Spread) until 4/10/2029 (year 10).Thereafter 3-month Euribor + Margin 330 (Re-offer Spread plus Step-up 100 bps).

Final Maturity 4 Oct 2049
Listing Euronext Dublin (GEM)
Documents Listing Particulars including Terms and Conditions of the Notes 2 Oct 2019
Issue Ratings

BBB+ by S&P (CreditWatch positive)

Updated 4 Oct 2019