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If's environmental objective is to reduce the company's environmental impact and contribute to a sustainable future.

If's Environmental Steering Group has developed an environmental strategy for the company, defining Environmental Policy and goals and establishing a basis for the approach to minimize environmental impacts. If provides employees with guidelines and support to inspire and encourage them to make environmentally sound choices.

The activities to tackle the environmental impacts of If's own operations include

  • increasing the number of virtual meetings instead of traveling;
  • focusing on training and awareness;
  • increasing employee engagement through theme weeks;
  • encouraging the local environmental groups of each If office;
  • developing local environmental action programs at If offices; and
  • increasing the amount of green IT, for example, all electricity purchased by If comes from renewable sources.

All of these activities aim to reduce If's CO2e emissions and they also support If's long-term environmental targets. Further information on the topic can be found in the If Environmental Report.

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Updated 07/05/2018