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Mandatum Life

Mandatum Life’s business operations do not give rise to significant direct emissions.

Mandatum Life’s business operations do not give rise to significant direct emissions, which is why the company has identified the promotion of responsible investment as the best opportunity to engage in environmental responsibility. As a major investor, the company has a responsibility to contribute to reducing the carbon footprint of its investments. More information on carbon footprint can be found in Sampo Group's Corporate Responsibility Report.

Nevertheless, Mandatum Life aims to improve the environmental friendliness of its offices and working practices. Mandatum Life's headquarters has a BREEAM certificate (Very Good) for its environmental performance. In 2019, Mandatum Life will continue a comprehensive renovation of the main office buildings that was started in 2018. During the project, the environmental impacts of the building and operations will also be examined.

Over the past few years, Mandatum Life has reduced paper waste by removing personal printers and has encouraged employees to recycle by adding bio-waste bins in common areas and removing personal trash bins. For the year 2019, Mandatum Life has launched a four-step program that aims to promote a more environmentally friendly office. The four targets include removing paper cups and plastic spoons from staff use, reducing personal printing, reducing electricity consumption, and promoting a vegetarian diet for lunchtime.

Updated 10 May 2019