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Data Privacy

Sampo Group companies operate in the financial and insurance sector, which is a highly regulated industry.

Sampo Group companies operate in the financial and insurance sector, which is a highly regulated industry and characterized by a high amount of personal data processing. Most of the measures adopted in the field of insurance services concern data relating, directly or indirectly, to natural persons, meaning individual human beings. Therefore, the protection of personal data is of great importance for the Group companies.

Regarding data privacy, all Sampo Group companies comply with the relevant national legislation, together with the provisions and principles imposed by the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Personal data is business critical for Group companies and collected only for the explicit and legitimate purposes necessary to carry out business. The data is not further processed in a manner that conflicts with those purposes. Sampo Group is committed to processing personal data in a lawful, fair, and transparent manner.

At Sampo Group, the guidance document regarding data privacy is the Sampo Group Data Privacy Statement. The aim of the Data Privacy Statement is to ensure an adequate level of protection of personal data and compliance with the applicable laws by Sampo Group companies. The group level statement demonstrates the general requirements to be met by all Sampo Group companies. Each Group company has adopted more detailed policies and guidelines on data privacy for its own commercial purposes.

The aspect of data privacy has been a high priority for Sampo Group companies. There have been several projects ongoing to ensure compliance with the GDPR. Every employee in the Sampo Group is responsible for correct behavior regarding data privacy. Therefore, proper training of employees is an essential part of data privacy management.

Further information can be found in the Corporate Responsibility Report (page 22).

Updated 10 May 2019