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Diversity and Equality

Diversity and equality are highlighted in Sampo Group’s governance documents. According to Sampo Group’s Code of Conduct, Sampo Group respects human rights and does not tolerate any kind of discrimination, bullying, or harassment. Sampo Group is committed to creating a non-discriminatory, open, and agreeable working environment where everyone is treated fairly and equally, regardless of age, disability, ethnic origin, gender, political attitude, workers’ representative activities, religion, or sexual orientation. Discriminatory practices regarding recruitment, promotion, or remuneration, or in general conduct in the workplace, are not tolerated.

In Sampo Group, diversity and equality are measured by age distribution and gender distribution. The gender distribution of all employees in Sampo Group is on a good level, with the share of women and men being close to fifty-fifty. When it comes to managers, the situation is bit more tilted toward male dominance. In addition, the age distribution within the Group has historically been well distributed.

With the internal governance models and actions and targets related to diversity and equality, Sampo Group companies aim to support the UN Sustainable Development Goals 5 Gender Equality (target 5.5) and 10 Reduced Inequalities (target 10.3).

Gender Distribution of Personnel (FTE), Sampo Group, 31 December 2019



Number of Female and Male Employees in Workforce (FTE, 31 Dec)

  Female Male Total Female share, %
2019 5,082 4,845 9,927 51
2018 4,929 4,653 9,582 51

Gender Distribution of Personnel (FTE), Managers, Sampo Group, 31 December 2019


Number of Female and Male Managers (FTE, 31 Dec)

  Female Male Total Female share, %
2019 543 654 1,197 45
2018 509 626 1,136 45

Age Distribution of Personnel (FTE), Sampo Group, 31 December 2019



Further information can be found in the Corporate Responsibility Report (page 66).

Updated 25 Aug 2020