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Donations and other humanitarian efforts


The Sampo Group companies want to make donations to and take part in humanitarian efforts to support both local and international communities. At the same time, donations can, for example, offer reputational benefits for the Group companies, help attract and retain employees, and provide possibilities to engage with current or prospective customers.

Group-level approach

Sampo Group has a group-level community engagement framework . The framework has three themes, which guide the Group’s donations and other humanitarian efforts. With donations and other humanitarian efforts, Sampo Group also wants to support the Group’s selected UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Every year, the Sampo Group companies each independently decide which initiatives they wish to support and what types of humanitarian efforts they want to engage in. The collaborations can range from one-off activities (e.g., donations, disaster relief) to long-term projects (e.g., multiyear partnerships). In addition, some of the Group companies offer employee engagement initiatives, such as matched donations and employee volunteering. The Sampo Group companies support both local and international causes.

Monitoring and evaluation of donations and other humanitarian efforts is done on a subsidiary level. Each activity and partnership is evaluated on a case-by-case basis, with criteria depending on the nature and scope of the cooperation.

Group goals and ambitions

The Sampo Group companies’ primary aim is to make donations and take part in humanitarian efforts that are authentic and that aim to make a change in society.

Donations by company, Sampo Group 2021
If* 65,020 5,000
Topdanmark 60,506 55,845
Hastings 169,400 -
Mandatum** 56,789 33,366
Sampo plc 69,000 68,366
Sampo Group, total 420,715 162,577

* Sponsorships and donations have both been booked under sponsorship. In 2020, If set up new accounts for donations, and therefore, donations and sponsorship costs are now separated in the bookings. During 2020, some donations were still booked under sponsorship, which explains the relatively small figure.
** Includes Kaleva as Mandatum and Kaleva made some of the donations together, such as the annual Christmas donation.


Updated 21 Apr 2022