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Political Involvement and Lobbying

All employees and others acting on behalf of Sampo Group companies must comply with laws and regulations that apply to the use of company resources for political purposes.

In Sampo Group, political involvement must also remain within the framework of the current company policy. In accordance with the Code of Conduct, Sampo Group does not participate in political campaigns or other political activities or make any direct or indirect political contributions using company resources. No political contributions were made in 2021.

Sampo Group employees have the right to participate in political activities and may volunteer their own time and resources to support candidates and political parties of their choice. These activities must not in any way suggest that Sampo Group supports or finances the political candidate or party in question.

Sampo Group supports transparency and integrity of lobbying practices, and aims to prevent any contrast of such practices with public international conventions (e.g., Global Compact, ILO, or OECD), if possible. Group companies do not obtain or try to obtain information, or any decision, dishonestly, or to misrepresent themselves to mislead third parties and/or staff of public authorities. Sampo Group companies are also committed to not induce staff of public authorities to contravene rules of behavior applicable to them.

Sampo plc and its subsidiaries If, Topdanmark and Mandatum Life are members of industry associations such as Finance Finland, Insurance Sweden, Finance Norway, Insurance and Pension Denmark and the Confederation of Finnish Industries. The companies seek to influence policy and legislation, for example EU Sustainable Finance, Solvency II and national legislation, primarily through active participation in the work of industry association committees.

Annual Contribution to Industry Associations (EUR)

  2021 2020 2019 2018 2017
Finance Finland 671,009 740,670 576,375 696,361 896,090
Insurance Sweden 417,451 619,744 604,612 662,878 684,995
Finance Norway 1,185,328 1,118,593 1,273,743 1,326,610 729,773
Insurance and Pension Denmark 2,351,285 2,303,957 2,242,449 2,296,116 2,227,965
Total 4,625,072 4,784,984 4,697,179 4,981,964 4,538,824



Updated 4 May 2022