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Sampo plc and its subsidiaries have their own whistleblowing channels through which employees and external stakeholders can raise concerns if they have reasonable grounds to suspect that someone employed by Sampo or any of the Group companies has breached the law or rules and regulations applicable to the financial services industry. All Group companies have defined structures for processing whistleblowing notifications and all notifications are investigated promptly in a confidential manner, while protecting the identity of the whistleblower. The number of whistleblowing notifications reported through the subsidiaries’ whistleblowing channels are reported to the parent company, Sampo plc, as a part of regular compliance reporting to ensure group-level monitoring of these matters.

In addition to the whistleblowing channels, If, Topdanmark and Mandatum have their own incident reporting systems for monitoring operational risks. Information about the whistleblowing channels and incident reporting systems have been proactively communicated to the employees in the respective companies.

The Group companies encourage a culture of open discussion in which grievances can be aired and addressed proactively. Employees are encouraged to report unethical practices or possible violations of laws, regulations, or internal policies directly to their leader, the HR contact person or the Compliance unit.

Characteristics of the whistleblowing systems in Sampo Group companies

  If Topdanmark Hastings Mandatum
Available 24/7 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Available in local languages Yes* Yes Yes Yes**
Available on the company's intranet Yes Yes Yes Yes
Available on the company's external website Yes Yes No No***
Anonymous reporting and protection of the whistleblower Yes Yes Yes Yes
Non-retaliation policy Yes Yes Yes Yes
Hosted/managed by a third party Yes No Yes Yes
Certified/audited/verified by a third party ISO 27001 and CSA Star certified Approved by the Danish Data Protection Agency SOC 2 certified ISO 27001 certified

* Available in English in the Baltic countries
** Available in Finnish and English
*** Will be available on the external website in Q1/2023

Number of whistleblowing notifications, Sampo Group

  2021 2020 2019
If 0 1 0
Topdanmark 0 0 0
Hastings 5 - -
Mandatum  1 0 0
Total 6 1 0


Whistleblowing in subsidiaries:
If  (in Finnish)
If (in Swedish)

Updated 19 Dec 2022