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Sustainable Corporate Culture

In the financial industry, one of the biggest risks is losing talent, as value creation relies on intangible assets such as employee competence, customer service, and operational excellence.

Sampo Group focuses on sustainable and inspirational leadership that encourages employees to develop in their careers and feel included in an open and inclusive working environment. As an employer, Sampo Group highlights its fundamental core values of ethics, loyalty, openness, and entrepreneurship.

The Sampo Group Code of Conduct, together with company-specific policies, addresses the relationship that Sampo Group aims to uphold with its employees. The Group companies are committed to ensuring compliance with applicable human rights, labor, and employment legislation. Sampo Group offers a work environment that supports the commitment of all employees to the company and its operations. By having adequate governance documents and offering employees training, Sampo Group aims to provide a diverse, non-discriminatory, agreeable, and open working environment, which promotes employee engagement.

Empowering Working Environment
Diversity and Equality
Health and Well-Being
Competence Development

Updated 21 Apr 2021