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Competence Development

The development of the competencies and professional skills of all employees is a fundamental part of Sampo Group's corporate culture. Group companies have established processes for areas such as talent management and succession planning. The Sampo Group Code of Conduct, together with company-specific policies, outlines how Sampo Group values and promotes the professional development of its employees. This includes developing leadership practices and supporting competence development.

The leadership practices ensure that future managers and team leaders grow from within Sampo Group, that they are offered challenging positions and projects, and that they are supported, for example, with mentoring programs. The competence development actions aim to offer all employees possibilities to learn new skills and grow professionally.

Sampo Group reported on employee training costs for the first time in 2020. The aim is to develop the reporting in the future. In 2020, many training sessions were postponed due to COVID-19, which is reflected in the results. It is important to note that the reported figures do not include internal training investments and initiatives such as e-learning, internal academies, and leadership development. Internal training and other initiatives provided by the Group companies form a significant part of employees’ competence development and could continue during the year despite the pandemic.

Average Annual Training Costs* per Employee, 2020 EUR
If 372
Topdanmark 1,367
Mandatum Life 539
Sampo plc 342
Sampo Group** 617

*Costs do not include internal training investments such as e-learning, internal academies, and leadership development.
**excluding Hastings

More information in Sampo Group’s Corporate Responsibility report, p. 107.

Updated 11 May 2021