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Health and Well-Being

Sampo Group has high standards for health and safety. The group-level guidance document on health and well-being is the Sampo Group Code of Conduct.

It is important for the Sampo Group companies to have healthy and happy employees. Health and well-being include factors such as physical and mental health, stress management, job satisfaction and personal development. Emphasising these factors can improve general employee engagement and motivation, result in less absence due to illness, and eventually contribute to the bottom line.

Mental and physical well-being are managed, for example, by implementing preventative measures such as stress counselling, occupational health care, office design and ergonomics, as well as sports activities. Employees are offered meaningful work assignments, equal opportunities, as well as training and competence development.

The Sampo Group companies recognise the importance of an appropriate work-life balance. The Group companies strive to offer flexible working arrangements so that employees can balance working life with other priorities, such as family, education, hobbies, charity work and other interests. In general, the Group companies offer solutions such as flexible working hours, compressed hours, banking of hours, part-time work, and remote working. Other options include, for example, study leave, job alternation leave and dependent care leave. The options may vary between countries and companies depending on national legislation and collective agreements.

In the Nordic countries, maternity, paternity and parental leave are stipulated by law and all children under school age are entitled to day care in the municipality where they live. This promotes gender equality, as both parents can stay at home to care for their children for a certain period and the availability of affordable day care enables both parents to work.

In Sampo Group, health and well-being is measured by absence due to illness. The total absence due to illness in Sampo Group is on a reasonable level and in line with the industry averages.

Absence Due to Illness by Company, Sampo Group, 2020



Absence Due to Illness by Country (%), Sampo Group* 2020
Norway 3.6
Sweden 3.6
Finland 2.5
Denmark 2.3
Estonia 1.1
Lithuania 1.0
Latvia 0.9
Other countries 4.6
Total 2.7

* Excluding Hastings

Group-level calculation principles have been applied. Statistics may deviate from locally published company-specific statistics due to different definitions.

More information in Sampo Group’s Corporate Responsibility report, p. 100.

Updated 29 Oct 2021