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Group CEO

Sampo plc has a Managing Director who is simultaneously the Group CEO of Sampo Group. The Board of Directors elects and releases the Group CEO, and decides on Group CEO's terms of employment and other remuneration.


The Group CEO of Sampo Group is in charge of the daily management of Sampo, subject to the instructions and control of the Board of Directors. The Group CEO is empowered to take extraordinary and broad-ranging actions, taking into account the scope and nature of Sampo's operations, only upon authorisation by the Board of Directors. The Group CEO ensures the legal compliance of Sampo's accounting and the trustworthy organization of asset management.

The Managing Director of Sampo plc and the CEO of Sampo Group is Mr. Torbjörn Magnusson

Detailed information regarding the Group CEO's remuneration and pension benefits

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Torbjörn Magnusson's CV

Updated 13 Oct 2022