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Sampo Group

Sampo Group is a significant Nordic insurance group and one of the most valuable companies listed on Nasdaq Helsinki.

Sampo plc was listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange (Nasdaq Helsinki) in 1988. The group companies have insurance operations in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia and the United Kingdom. 


Sampo Group is made up of the parent company Sampo plc and its subsidiaries If P&C, Topdanmark, Hastings and Mandatum. Nordea, the Nordic banking group and Nordax, a leading niche bank in Northern Europe operating in consumer lending market, are Sampo plc's associated companies. Sampo plc holds 10.1 per cent of the shares in Nordea and 36.25 per cent of the shares in Nordax.

Sampo plc

Sampo plc is the Sampo Group parent company; it controls the Group's strategy, capital allocation, investment policy, risk management, group accounts, investor relations, corporate responsibility, as well as legal and tax matters. The Managing Director of Sampo plc and the Group CEO is Mr Torbjörn Magnusson. Mr Björn Wahlroos acts as the Chairman of the Sampo Board. Sampo's office is located in Helsinki and it employs approximately 70 people.

If P&C

If P&C is the largest P&C insurer in the Nordic Region. The CEO of If is Mr Morten Thorsrud. If's headquarter is located in Sweden and it operates through branch offices in Norway, Finland and Denmark. In addition, the company operates in all the Baltic countries and has offices in Germany, France, The Netherlands and Great Britain. If has approximately 7,120 employees and it is a fully owned subsidiary of Sampo plc.

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Topdanmark is the second largest non-life insurance company and a major life insurance company in Denmark. The Managing Director of Topdanmark is Mr Peter Hermann. The company operates in Denmark and has approximately 2,450 employees. Sampo plc owns 46.7 per cent of the company. Sampo has consolidated Topdanmark as a subsidiary since September 2017 in its financial reporting.

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Hastings is one of the leading digital general insurance providers in the UK predominantly focused on serving UK car, van, bike and home insurance customers.  Hastings has over 3 million customers and operates via its two main trading subsidiaries, Hastings Insurance Services Limited (trading as “Hastings Direct”) in the UK, and Advantage Insurance Company in Gibraltar, and employs approximately 2,965 colleagues. The CEO is Mr Toby van der Meer. Sampo plc owns 70 per cent of the company. Sampo has consolidated Hastings as a subsidiary since November 2020 in its financial reporting.

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Mandatum offers services in wealth management, asset management, rewards and personal insurance. Mandatum Group consists of two business areas: life insurance and asset management. The CEO of Mandatum Group is Mr Petri Niemisvirta.  Mandatum’s headquarter is located in Helsinki, Finland. Mandatum Group has approximately 600 employees. Mandatum Holding Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sampo plc.

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Updated 14 Sep 2021